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We will do anything to provide you with the best possible service. Our specialists guarantee their free encounter for each client and will fix all issues connected with the air conditioner system. The staff is qualified, trained, and organized to answer any question you may have about an air conditioner before the technician does.
Most people don’t realize this, and most aren’t aware of how much money their home’s ac needs. They think it’s just something like having cold weather — they get used to it. That isn’t the case. When the temperatures drop, ac issues are the worst things to be controlled. Don’t even start thinking it won’t affect you if you have problems with ac. It will! If not addressed right away, these can become long-term issues that impact your overall health and well-being.

Your ac could leak something, get clogged up with mold or dust, and cause issues, like causing bacteria to build upon your carpets (if you live with mold!) or making your environment unsafe for children. So not only will the ac get clogged up or cause your floors to fall apart, but it will also create a situation where everyone has to work around it. All this leads to expensive repairs that last longer and effect your health.

Not all ac require a visit from a technician for inspection. There are a handful of common issues that might warrant a visit from a professional ac repairman:
If you have a hard time breathing when your ac makes a noise that seems fishy, then it’s time to take care of your ac. Your air conditioners will need to be analyzed to see what parts are causing them and if there is an issue that needs immediate attention. 

Start checking out the air conditioners for sounds of a person’s feet hitting the floor, try slamming the door shut, and creaking windows. These issues are vulgar when the air conditioners are running loose in your ac systems where something needs to be changed. An Ac Specialist should inspect every ac system in your home to determine whether there are issues that should be fixed immediately or not need to be worried.


We provide high quality air conditioner repair services for all brands of air conditioner. To provide fast, reliable and high quality air conditioner repair services, we are available 24/7

Air conditioner repair service

Air Conditioner Repair Services:

  1. Air Conditioner / AC installation service
  2. Air Conditioner repair and maintenance service
  3. Air filter and fin cleaning.
  4. AC condenser and evaporator coil cleaning.
  5. AC condenser and evaporator fan cleaning.
  6. AC Drain cleaning and leakage check.
  7. Coolant level check-in air conditioner.
  8. Overall inspection of the AC unit

Best Air Conditioner Repair Service in Dubai

If your ac isn’t working accurately, you will notice some issues. Some issues may appear when the air conditioners have been in use for a long time. Maybe you note the sounds of a car door shut when you try to open your ac. But in most cases, these issues are due to poor ac maintenance. Your ac will lose power and performance and put unnecessary strain on components like ac systems, and ac filters due to poor maintenance. It also can leave ac air and ac systems brittle and prone to failure, leaving your air conditioners susceptible to breakages due to stress on the air conditioners over prolonged periods. 

Lastly, poor ac maintenance can even result in ac leaks! What many mechanics don’t understand, however, is the fact that leaking air conditioners is adequately easy to fix. There are many ways to seal leaks of air conditioners, including flushing your ac to prevent leakage and setting the seal on gaps between air conditioners, and ventilating the air conditioners. Once you know how to fix ac leaks, you’ll save money on ac repairs every time you turn on your ac!
If you face issues with air conditioners, ac systems, or ac air filters, Whether it’s a leak in your ac system or air conditioners that are being hard on air conditioners, we have specialists ready to assist you. And don’t worry, no additional fees are required by using Al-Barouda ac repair services, which means fewer costs. In addition to repairing air conditioners, ac mechanics has several other specializations that we offer. For example, we specialize in replacing air conditioners, ac vents, ac filters, and ac lights.

UAE Same Day Air Conditioner Repair Service

If you have trouble getting your ac to do its job accurately, you try to check which problem your air conditioner is experiencing. You might hear strange noises while your ac runs a few wires in the morning or after the sun goes down, which only happens if your ac doesn’t have enough power. Or if that sound gets strong when someone’s running errands or playing loud music, even when no one else is there, you’ve got something wrong with your ac system.

You might even notice a difference or odd smell coming from your ac. Usually, these smells are due to dust or a mold of something infestation stuck in ac. When your ac is doing its job accurately, your ac smells fresh. Cleaning up your ac is often done by taking sandpaper or some abrasive cloth, but this requires more than three hours of work before you can feel comfortable cleaning up the ac yourself. Getting rid of old air conditioners can take quite a bit of time, so it’s easier said than done. If you notice unusual odors coming from an ac, then it is time to call an ac mechanic who knows how to clean up an ac for you.